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Latest News
We are proud to release a SharePoint 2013 version of SMIL - now called OpenSMIL. Visit the project site here

We are proud to release a SharePoint 2010 version of SMIL. The SMIL deployment is built on SharePoint solutions which deploys and updates well into a multi-server farm solution. Go to the Download section to download the solutions.

Project Description
SharePoint Map Integration Layer - SMIL provides a Map Web Part, a custom data field, and exposing geo-enabled sharepoint lists as GeoRss. We also extract Lat/Lon from geo-tagged images that are uploaded into a image library.

SMIL is an open source project with the aim to geo-enable SharePoint. The project using Bing Maps with DeepEarth Toolkit as map client. Currently you can geo-enable any list-item in SharePoint, get jpeg photos tagged with coordinates shown in the maps.

The project provides a custom data field where you can give any SharePoint list item, document etc a location with a pushpin. A listener, as a feature, when you upload your geo-tagged photos into a SharePoint image library. We also provide a main map client, as a Web Part, with a layerpanel, you can view and filter your SharePoint geo-enabled stuff. You can either filter your content via views, that is SharePoint views from SharePoint lists, in the layerpanel or filter information by connecting to other Web Parts.

The project thanks Sweco for their contribution.

You can read more about SMIL on Think GIT blog.

We are looking for help, please contact coordinator today.

The main client showing geo-enabled lists from SharePoint.

A list item in being viewed.

A list item being edited.

A conceptual view of SMIL.

Commercial Support
Sweco offers commercial support for SMIL.

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